Here are the most frequently asked questions.

How does this work ?

It works great - thank you.

When you call all you need isto inform the booking agent the time and location you intend to meet your escort. Upon receiving your booking information we will provide you a schedule and times available for you. You then have to pick and confirm a time from the choices we give you. Please mention if your working with limited time. I will do my best to accommodate. 

I must have - complete mailing address, name, time, and number I can call you on.

I will confirm an hr prior to appointment. Any problems or if your running late please let me know asap. 

What's the rate ?

Rates are based on availability, your location, the length of appointment and amount of persons to be entertained.

Fetish and special requests also carry 

Is this service for real ? 

Yes we are very real.

Does the escort come alone ?

The escort comes alone, unless you are requesting more than 1 lady or if you are more than 2 people in a party. Then another escort may join her at your meeting.

Payment ?

Cash is collected immediately upon her entrance.

In the case of using e transfer you will receive a text message with a money request upon her arrival only valid for 15 minutes so it must be completed promptly. We will then confirm and notify both of you immediately. (zero wait time) 

We do accept debit and credit cards just not all of our ladies have a payment terminal so payment is taken over the phone with our booking operator. You may be asked to send a picture of you holding your ID with information clear to verify. 

 Our booking staff are there to help if needed.

What if I don't like the escort ?

As with any interaction your mileage many vary. I am trained in the art of companionship and know how to instantly get rapport with you and make you feel really comfortable, but we know everyone's tastes vary. So with that in mind, if you are not happy with the model you need to call us immediately before you make your payment. Once payment is made there are no refunds. No exceptions.